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NAB2010: Chyron Heads to the Clouds

Chyron is also advancing in stereoscopic 3D.

The first name in character generation and graphics isn’t just selling products at the 2010 NAB Show. Chyron wants to be partners, not just vendors, to its customers.

That doesn’t just mean a thorough service contract. Instead it’s part of a new approach for the company, moving services into the Cloud and trying to sell its solutions as workflows, not just tools in the chain.

At the 2009 NAB Show, Chyron showed Cloud services in its flagship Axis graphics tool. Now, the company has integrated Cloud computing into newsroom and enterprise integration. The idea is that one person can build a graphic, submit it into the cloud, integrate with templates and come out the right way on the other end. The “hand-holding required of the graphic element from creation to playout is minimal, Chyron says.

Axis comes to NAB with enhanced integration with FORscene, a Cloud-based editing service.

Chyron is applying the Cloud philosophy in several areas. For example, it’s starting Chyron Connect, where customers can go to get design help or maybe buy a complete design, and connect with designers and others with design or services to sell.

Chyron is also advancing in the stereoscopic 3D realm and looks to be a major part of the development of that technology. Its Channel Box channel branding and automated promo system supports 3D Stereo environments enabling branding to be placed in the muxed chain, significantly reducing system costs and implementation issues. Channel Box 3D can be configured to work in the two channel separate left eye/right eye environment.

Lyric PRO 8, Chyron’s graphics creation solution, now includes fast, powerful stereoscopic 3D creation and playout, integrating with Chyron’s full system workflow. Its 3D Stereo Graphic templates are fully compatible with existing 2D templates.

Also at NAB, Chyron is showing off a new integration with NeuroTV, a Belgian company specializing in virtual sets, including 3D sets. With the combined Chyron/NeuroTV system, software can manipulate the look from a single fixed camera, virtually placing on-air talent in different sets and even replicating camera movements, all live.

Chyron will be showing it all at the 2010 NAB Show at Booth SL1420.

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