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Myricom Software Added to Emergent Vision’s High-Speed Camera

FastStack software called ‘critical’ for video surveillance and high-speed industrial imaging

Emergent Vision Technologies, a developer of ultra-high-speed cameras for industrial imaging applications, has integrated into its systems the FastStack Machine Vision Acceleration software produced by Myricom, a provider of extreme-performance 10-Gigabit Ethernet products.
Emergent Vision’s cameras are flexible platforms, equipped with on-board processing to quickly handle complex-imaging problems, says Myricom, which adds that its hardware and software architecture leverages supercomputer-class networking for vertical market applications, including machine vision.
By integrating the software, Emergent Vision’s customers can use Myricom’s FastStack MVA and high performance Myri-10G 10GbE adapters to ensure lossless frame capture, including for high-resolution color images at high frame rates, the companies say. That high-performance frame handling is critical for many different applications including video surveillance, and high-speed industrial imaging and quality control inspection within medical, semiconductor fabrication, food and beverage and automotive industries, according to Myricom.
“FastStack MVA is indeed an enabling technology with unparalleled performance benefits,” said John Ilett, EVT’s president. “Myricom’s MVA addresses the shortcomings of using Ethernet for machine vision applications. Leveraging the vast resources of Ethernet will surely make GigE Vision the interface of choice for ultra-high-speed imaging,” he said.
“Emergent’s new cameras combine the latest protocols such as GigE Vision with leading-edge networking technologies such as Myricom’s FastStack MVA to provide best-in-industry performance for machine vision applications,” said John Hagerman, Myricom’s vice president of business development.
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