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MultiDyne Unveils New POV/PTZ System

Offers synchronization of multiple cameras

MultiDyne Video & Fiber Optic Systems has developed a new point of view/pan-tilt-zoom POV/PTZ camera system designed for a wide range of unmanned camera applications. It includes a built-in MultiDyne HD-3500GE Series multi-rate serial digital video fiber-optic transceiver to support the live transmission of full bandwidth SDI video signals over long distances without degradation.

The system includes bidirectional GigE transport and the ability to synchronize multiple cameras during a live event or studio production. The weather-resistant camera base housing is designed to stack under a PTZ camera unit and features the connectivity necessary for remote camera control.

With GiGE connectivity, the MultiDyne HD-3500GE can be leveraged to control PTZ cameras from up to 3,000 meters (nearly two miles) over a single-mode fiber-optic cable. The GigE feature will also benefit streaming video applications and the fast transport of signals over a local area network.

The unit also optionally provides power, via a SMPTE hybrid cable, from the base unit to the HD-3500 camera and robotic head, to support fully automated production studios with unmanned camera systems.

The HD–3500 provides a multirate, high-definition, fiber-optic transport link for up to 1080p 3G HD–SDI signals. The system also supports two channels of outbound digital AES audio or four analog audio channels with two bidirectional auxiliary audio channels for four-wire intercom systems. The HD–3500 also supports two bidirectional RS–232 or RS 422 data channels as well as four GPI and one tally feeds.

The HD–3500 has been used for remote camera control in the studio and for HD surveillance cameras outdoors. For example, several HD-3500 units are currently in use by NASA to broadcast rocket launches live in HD resolution, where the data channels of the HD-3500 are leveraged for PTZ camera control.

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