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Moxa Unveils Its Latest IP Surveillance Software

Alarm notifications, event prerecording and remote access are part of the software

Moxa, a provider of “hardened networking and communication solutions” that increase computer security, unveiled its SoftNVR-IA 64-channel Internet protocol surveillance software, enabling direct communications with automation systems such as supervisory control and data acquisition or human machine interface.

The SoftNVR-IA enables communication with those systems via its built-in optimum power control server, and it also receives and sends event tags to activate video recording and alarms, Moxa says.

With the addition of a remote surveillance function, SoftNVR-IA users can remotely access live and recorded video through the Web from any location, achieving instant monitoring and unparalleled ease-of-use, said Joe Cook, Moxa business development manager.

SoftNVR-IA supports OPC communications and enables Moxa VPort IP surveillance products to directly communicate with automation systems, the company says. The software can trigger video recording or alarm notifications in response to SCADA events and provide administrators with system status reports, merging video data with automation, the company says. Its alarm management supports a variety of responses to triggered alarms, including popup display, go preset and audio alerts, according to Moxa.

In addition, the software supports MPEG4, MPEG4, and H.264 video streams with live display, Moxa says. Users can choose dual monitor or full screen display modes and the remote surveillance function enables viewing of real-time footage, playback by event or playback by time through web access, the company says. Operators can access the system directly through the control center or through the browser-based Web console, Moxa adds.

The company says SoftNVR-IA can set video recording and other network video functions to be triggered manually, by an event or according to a schedule. The software supports 30-second pre-event video recording, the first out recycle function, and video records can be reviewed for analysis, troubleshooting and problem prevention, Moxa says.

In addition, users can also combine SoftNVR-IA with the company’s MxNVR-IA8, an industrial network video recorder, creating more flexibility and integrity for the system, according to the company.