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More Cool Gear Expands GV Expo Raffle

Your odds of winning something you'll really enjoy just improved considerably.

Your odds of winning something you’ll really enjoy at the Government Video Expo just improved considerably with the generous donation of two Listec PromptWare PW-04 smartphone prompters and one Litepanels Croma on-camera LED light. These are both seriously cool items that anyone working in the video industry will appreciate.

The Listec PromptWare PW-04 smartphone prompter works with any iPhone or Android phone to become an actual on-camera prompting system. The package includes a prompter mirror, hood, camera mounts, cell phone mount and a bluetooth remote controller so that the talent can control scrolling the script. It comes in a rugged carrying case, and will work with most smaller-format camcorders. Listec graciously donated two PromptWare PW-04 prompters, so we will raffle one on each of the two days of the GV Expo.

Also arriving today was a Litepanels Croma on-camera LED light. This is the perfect light for run-and-gun video shooting — powered by AA batteries, it offers variable color temperature and adjustable brightness. It all fits in a compact and lightweight package that quickly mounts on a camera without adding a lot of bulk and weight. This generous donation from Litepanels will be sure to attract a lot of attention in the raffle.

Government Video thanks both Litepanels and Listec for their kind donations. These two companies produce top-notch video production equipment, so be sure to check out their products when it comes time to update your gear.