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Missouri School District Upgrades Video Surveillance System on a Budget

The equipment can be serviced by school district staff, thereby reducing long-term maintenance fees.

A Missouri school district has successfully upgraded its video surveillance system while working under very tight budget conditions by using equipment that can be serviced by school district staff, thereby reducing long-term maintenance fees for the system, says the company that provided the equipment.

The Blair Oaks School District, located in Wardsville, Mo., was able to deploy a more scalable video surveillance system that not only supports its existing analog video cameras, it also builds a foundation for future growth, Wren Solutions, of Jefferson City, Mo., says in a written statement.

Wren, which specializes in physical security technologies and services for retail, education, healthcare and government facilities, said Blair Oaks’ incorporation of the company’s Encapsulon Physical Security Platform as the software foundation, allows the new system to support the school district’s existing hardware, while simultaneously accommodating the latest internet protocol surveillance and access technologies to meet current and future performance demands. In addition, Wren developed a program for implementation and maintenance training that enables Blair Oaks’ staff to self-service the video equipment, which enables the district to cut maintenance fees.

“Although our school is fortunate to be safe, experiencing minimal criminal activity, we realized the importance of video for the purposes of limiting legal liability, conducting investigations, and deterring unwanted behavior,” said Blair Oaks District Superintendent Jim Jones. “A few incidences of vandalism and theft that did occur over the past few years demonstrated to us that no campus is immune to security breaches, including ours. To guard against these infractions, we knew video needed to be a tool in our arsenal of information resources.”

While Jones, and other school administrators expressed a need for security systems, the educators are also aware of the need to control costs associated with a new video surveillance system. Therefore, Jones contacted Wren requesting the company assess the situation and explore where the school could make improvements that balanced priorities with real budget factors.

“Every school in America is facing the school year with budget concerns in mind. I applaud Blair Oaks’ administrators and teachers for finding a way to balance a tight budget with the need to maintain a safe place for students and staff,” said Jeff Floreno, school safety expert and Wren’s director of security operations and strategy. “By leveraging our training and support programs, Blair Oaks has positioned itself to realize lower support and maintenance expenses for years ahead.”