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Mississippi Department of Transportation Updates Traffic Control Center

Monitor wall to observe traffic

The Mississippi Traffic Management Center.

The Mississippi Department of Transportation��s Intelligent Transportation Systems Program upgraded its traffic management center using a monitor wall that displays images and data regarding the state’s highways and streets. The state used an open content management system from Vista Phoenix to simultaneously encode, decode and display audio-visual data on a Christie Digital MicroTile monitor wall.

“We converted from analog to digital a while back, and our previous equipment was not compatible with an end-to-end digital solution,” said John Gilligan with the Mississippi Department of Transportation. “Vista Phoenix looked to be a very efficient addition for us.”

The new system provides seamless access and control of AV data, regardless of the user’s location. Whether used by multiple parallel participants, single offices or in the field through mobile technology, all traffic personnel have access to the system and its data.

The system consists of one or many Vista Phoenix hardware nodes, as well as web-based management software connected through an Ethernet network. It’s scalable with one or hundreds of nodes, multiple display walls comprising up to 128 screens, multiple desktops and users. Comprehensive tools allow one or thousands of users to simultaneously view, listen to and interact with any source of information found in a multimedia environment from virtually anywhere through a single, robust system.

Vista Phoenix offers support for HDCP, H.264 encryption throughout with drag-and-drop simplicity. The system permits users in public utilities, government, security and surveillance, transportation and telecommunications to confidently make faster and more accurate life critical decisions, even in the most challenging environments.

“Vista Phoenix distributes media to the Christie MicroTile wall, which has a 10×4 configuration,” said Gilligan. “Vista Phoenix handles all the switching, most of which is automated. We’ve programmed the system to have some preset modes. And we broke it down regionally so we can view different regions of the state.”

While Vista Phoenix is already working “great – very efficiently,” Gilligan is looking forward to exploring more of the system’s offerings. “We plan to capitalize on some future capabilities, such as monitoring via the Internet,” he said.