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Michigan Town’s Street-Pole Surveillance System Set For Operation

The computer operated public-lighting system also includes wireless surveillance cameras and digital signage.

Farmington Hills, Mich. is set to begin operation of a computer operated public-lighting system that also includes wireless surveillance cameras and digital signage.

Illuminating Concepts, a multi-media systems integrator, has installed its Intellistreets system in Farmington Hills, which is scheduled to go online on Oct. 28, 2011. The Intellistreets system is a lighting pole system that combines energy conservation, homeland security features, audio entertainment, traffic control and advertising, the company says.

Intellistreets is an “intelligent wireless network,” completely concealed within the street light pole, and its intelligent features include variable lighting that reacts to natural light thereby conserving energy; sensors that monitor pedestrian and vehicle traffic; and LED screens on the poles rather than vinyl banners. The network can transmit information for emergency alerts, indicate evacuation routes or Amber Alert warnings, or hazardous environment alerts through either the LED screens, or speakers that are part of the system.

Outfitting a streetlight with Intellistreets costs about $500, according to Ron Harwood, president and founder of Illuminating Concepts. Each fixture operates individually and includes a microprocessor, a dual-band radio system, audio amplifier, digital sound processor, video output and HD video card, he said.

In addition, when the LED screens are not used for municipal purposes, they can be used to run advertising messages, Harwood said. Intellistreets can help cities save energy and enhance citizen safety, while turning a small profit, he added.