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Miami Gardens Police Monitor With CineMassive

New Real Time Crime Center uses CineView video walls to show maps, camera views and crime detection applications

The Miami Gardens Police Department’s daily command and control operations center

MIAMI GARDENS, FL–Daily operations in a typical city police department’s command and control center require constant monitoring of numerous camera feeds and crime analytics programs, creating the need for large video walls.

The Joint Operations Command room for collaborative operations

Take the Miami Gardens Police Department as an example, who recently finished their Real Time Crime Center which employs four CineView LCD video walls. The command center has two main spaces: a large day-to-day operations space with 6×2, 5×2, and 4×2 CineView displays and a Joint Operations Center for collaboration with federal agencies using a lone 2×2 display.

Officers, detectives and crime analysts study and monitor video analytics programs, license plate scanners, a sophisticated mapping tool, television news and a real-time gunfire detection application that map the location of shots fired in the city. All of these programs are simultaneously sent to the video walls with a CineMassive Alpha video wall controller and CineNet video wall software is used to manage and display specific tools to use during incidents.

Miami Gardens Police Sergeant Erik Gleason is impressed with the new command center and even insists it’s transformed the way the department fights crime. “The true benefit of the RTCC is what it will give to the citizens of the community. We are looking forward to the RTCC decreasing the amount of fear in our citizens from being victimized,” Gleason said.