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Mexico Picks NOA Digitization System for Archive Project

Systems will preserve a record of the indigenous peoples.

Mexico’s government has acquired two NOA Audio Solutions audiovisual media digitization systems that it will use to preserve a record of its indigenous peoples.

Mexico’s National Commission for the Development of Indigenous Peoples (CDI) has purchased the NOA audiovisual media digitization systems for its “Mediateka” project, which aims to preserve the complete cultural heritage of Mexico’s indigenous peoples in a national archive.

One of the systems is a mobile ingest and digitization system that will be used to travel around Mexico capturing and converting audio sources into WAV and MP3 files. Those files will then be transferred to the second system being installed at CDI’s headquarters in Mexico City, where the files will be checked, have metadata extracted and be stored for integration into CDI’s workflow. The mobile system is the first of its kind.

The traveling system allows the CDI to digitize artifacts “from outlying areas that would otherwise be impossible to get,” said Xilonen Luna Ruiz, CDI’s director of archives. By digitizing the artifacts on location, the commission takes a “first step toward safeguarding our endangered national cultural heritage of indigenous people in the various regions of Mexico. This one-of-a-kind system paves the way for the video portion of our project.”

The mobile system includes a NOA Record ingest system, a jobDB Control Center, a MediaButler tool to produce different formats on the fly, a NOA service console, and a DBScripter script interpreter, all of which integrate with CDI’s existing Aleph metadatabase and DVS SpycerBox, NOA says.