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Matrox Adds ‘Auto Input Detection’ to ‘Convert DVI’

Computers running at any resolution to be connected at the input

Matrox Video Products Group adds features to its Matrox Convert DVI product, including automatic input detection that enables any computer running at any resolution to be connected at the input.

Automatic input detection is particularly important for audiovisual (A/V) integrators who might regularly deal with a variety of input devices in the course of their work, according to Charles P. Amyot, Matrox’s product manager.

Matrox says its Convert DVI will automatically output at the desired, preprogrammed resolution. “Since its launch in September 2009, the Matrox Convert DVI family of scan converters has proven to be a reliable, cost-effective solution for broadcasters and A/V integrators worldwide,” Amyot said.

In addition to automatic input detection, Matrox Convert DVI offers a graphic overlay feature that enables users to add a custom logo or graphic to Convert DVI’s output. For example, any PNG or TGA file can be displayed over a YouTube video, a Skype conversation, or a Google Earth map, Matrox says. Also, “snap-to-window support” enables users to automatically position the region-of-interest to output any window or element within an application or website, such as a YouTube video, the company says.