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MacArthur Airport Heightens Security with IPVideo Corporation’s Sentry VMS

Upgrades analog security system

Long Island MacArthur Airport terminal

BAY SHORE, N.Y. —Long Island MacArthur Airport is using IPVideo Corp.’s Sentry VMS to enhance protection of passengers, aircraft and baggage.

The public airport owned by the Town of Islip serves nearly two million commercial passengers a year from four runways and two helipads. With the opportunity for expanded air service and potential passenger growth, the Town of Islip decided to upgrade the airport’s analog surveillance system to a more advanced digital technology.

LIMA selected IPVideo’s intuitive Sentry VMS to fully integrate all its surveillance cameras under a central video management system. IPVideo’s solution enabled LIMA to upgrade its existing system, taking full advantage of advances in digital video while leveraging previous investments by incorporating the airport’s existing technology into the new system.

The Sentry VMS system provides features that address the needs of airport operations, including high-resolution cameras that capture facial details to aid in identifying persons of interest. In addition, the system’s timeline feature enables law enforcement to review video to help travelers find lost property and locate cars in the parking lot.

“Sentry VMS gives us fuller coverage than we had before, providing us with an extra set of eyes to help protect the traveling public,” said Greg DeCanio, chief of the airport’s law enforcement. “We are pleased with the new system’s ease of installation, and comprehensive flexibility, which allows us to expand as we grow our operations. The system also provides us the ability to access video at our computers, making us more efficient and letting us monitor activity for security and law enforcement purposes at the touch of a button.”

The Sentry VMS video management solution provides a complete security data management solution, including software, hardware and storage. Its purpose-built hardware platform is custom designed to withstand the data demands of 24/7 IP security applications. Increased redundancy, performance and simplicity are provided using RAID-1 storage. The VMS supports all megapixel and HTDV video resolutions. The solution also offers system health monitors that send an alert if the system is disturbed by power outages, cameras going offline or temperature going out of range.