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Litepanels Unveils Three Lighting Products

Models reportedly draw much less power than the amount of luminance each produces.

Litepanels introduces three lighting products that, the company says, draw much less power than the amount of luminance each produces.

With the Sola 4, Litepanels expands its Sola line. The Sola 4 features s four-inch Fresnel lens that uses a fraction of the power consumed by conventional lights, the firm says. Requiring just 30 watts of power, the Sola 4 provides the luminance output of a 300-watt conventional tungsten light, or a 150-watt Hydrargyrum Medium-Arc Iodide (HMI) Fresnel light, Litepanels says. The Sola 4 is a daylight balanced, 5600°K fixture that weighs 22 ounces. It is powered by an AC (120-240V) outlet or by batteries. In addition, the fixture has no external ballast, so there’s no re-strike down time before being re-illuminated, says Litepanels, which expects product shipments of the Sola 4 to start during late 2011.

Litepanels says its Hilio “high output light” answers the need for an LED soft light capable of casting illumination up to 25 feet. Hilio provides a color balance light, utilizing a 6 x 12 array of 72 daylight LEDs that are focused to a 15-degree beam angle, with little spill to adjacent areas, Litepanels says. The penetrating and highly directional 5600°K light generated by Hilio makes it a replacement for HMIs. It draws 125 watts, yet provides the luminance output of a 1000 watts conventional tungsten light or 650 watts HMI light. Plus, Hilio does not require re-strike downtime before being re-illuminated. The company says.

Litepanels also introduces Croma, a versatile on-camera light for run-and-gun shooters, event videographers and still photographers who move rapidly from one light environment to the next. Croma is like a small, sleek 1×1 Bi-Color, offering Litepanels’ hallmark high definition-friendly soft light, with variable color temperature outputs ranging from daylight (5600°K) to tungsten (3200°K). Weighing nearly 12 ounces, the Croma draws just nine watts, and provides the equivalent luminance output of up to the 90 watts of traditional fixtures, Litepanels says. Croma can be powered by AA batteries or by an AC adapter, which is included.