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Lawmakers OK Extending Philadelphia’s Red Light Camera Program

The bill expands the use of intersection safety cameras in a dozen more Pennsylvania communities

Pennsylvania state lawmakers approved extending Philadelphia’s red light camera program for an additional five years and to expand the use of intersection safety cameras in a dozen more Pennsylvania communities.

In late June members of the State House of Representatives voted 113 to 72 to ex

tend the red-light camera program, and on June 28 the state Senate approved the bill by a more than 2-1 margin. In addition to extending use of the automated cameras in Philadelphia through 2017, the bill would allow the devices to be deployed in Pittsburgh and suburban Philadelphia municipalities with at least 20,000 residents and accredited police departments.

The bill has since been sent to Gov. Tom Corbett, R, for his signature.

Pa. lawmakers Sen. Dominic Pileggi, R, and Reps. Paul Costa, D, and Seth Grove, R, received praise for their efforts supporting the bill from Jacy Good, honorary chair of the Traffic Safety Coalition’s Pennsylvania Chapter. “With the passing of this law, Pennsylvania’s roads will undoubtedly be safer,” said Good, who in 2008 was severely injured in a crash caused by a motorist who ran a red light. That crash also killed Good’s parents.

Philadelphia’s red light camera program—the only such program in the commonwealth—has helped reduce red light violations by as much as 90 percent, according to the coalition. Nationally, more than 500 communities currently use red light cameras.