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Lakeland Public Television Goes IP with Cinegy

Cinegy Suite to replace LPTV’s ageing hardware-based systems

With the need to replace its ageing hardware-based automation, playout, channel branding and EAS platforms, PBS affiliate Lakeland Public Television in Minnesota has decided to go with an IP-based approach through Cinegy software suites.

Some of Cinegy’s programs simply add on to systems LPTV already has in place. For instance, PBS as a brand uses Myers ProTrack broadcast management system for sharing content through an IP-over-satellite file store. With Cinegy Air, content triggered via a FTP command from Protrack is now directly moved to the programs’ playout storage. Cinegy Capture for recording uses IP or baseband ingest, and when combined with Cinegy Air for playout, the pair can record and playout satellite downlinks directly and output in both IP and SDI.

Recorded material is immediately quality controlled and checked for closed captions with Cinegy Player PRO. Cinegy Traffic Gateway which is used to ingest and read SMPTE standard BXF playlist messages, search for media requests in storage, reports when media is missing and makes dummy placeholders for program items not yet in storage. After a playlist is made from the Traffic Gateway, Cinegy Air Control gives users a sequenced view of what is playing out.

LPTV says the move toward the software -based system is in line with the PBS organization as a whole, which is transitioning to file-based content delivery.