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Kennedy Space Center Taps Planar For Memorial Display

‘Forever Remembered’ memorial honors astronauts lost in the Challenger and Columbia shuttle missions

One of the three Planar Mosaic LCD video wall arrangements making up the ‘Forever Remembered’ memorial at the Kennedy Space Center.

TITUSVILLLE, FL– When Rockledge Design Group was asked to install visuals for the “Forever Remembered” memorial at the Kennedy Space Center, the Rockledge, Fla.-based system integrator chose Planar Mosaic LCD screens for their 4K picture quality as well as their ability to be artistically arranged through the variety of tile sizes offered.

The hallway of the “Forever Remembered” memorial—which honors the astronauts killed in the Challenger and Columbia space shuttle missions—includes three Planar Mosaic video wall formations. Each arrangement is composed of four 46-inch tiles and two 22-inch square tiles daisy chained together, all flush with the exhibit wall. Any off-board electronics like power supplies are located in a remote rack room, eliminating heat and noise. For maintenance purposes, the screens have a “service mode” function and can be accessed through the front.

Planar’s Mosaic tiles offer the “Planar ERO” protective feature that “ensures that the tiles will be protected from damage that could occur should they be bumped into by visitors, or potentially scratched or marred if they are inadvertently hit by a visitor’s purse, briefcase, backpack or other package,” said Brian Karr, president of Rockledge Design Group.

The Mosaic tiles feature 700 nits brightness, resolution up to 1920×1080 per each 46-inch tile, a contrast ratio up to 4000:1 and a 72 percent NTSC color gamut. Color settings and brightness levels, whether for still images or 4K video, can be balanced across all video tiles simultaneously with Planar’s Mosaic Project Designer Software.

According to Karr, a key differentiator of Planar Mosaic was that it enabled his team to focus on creating one 4K file for each tile formation, noting that with other manufacturers’ platforms, separate files for each display in the video wall would have had to be created. “It’s a platform whose simplicity allows us as the designers, to focus on creating a great stream of 4K content, which makes for a memorable show,” he said.