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JVC Visualization Series Projector is Optimized for Simulation Environments

DLA-VS2200ZG features ruggedized chassis, long lamp life

WAYNE, N.J. —JVC Professional Products Company introduces the DLA-VS2200ZG D-ILA projector. Engineered specifically for simulation environments, planetariums and other visualization applications, the latest Visualization Series model offers 1920×1080 native resolution, and its next-generation optical engine delivers a minimum 18,000:1 native contrast ratio.

Built around an optical engine with three D-ILA imaging devices, the DLA-VS2200ZG offers a seven-axis adjustable color management system, 12-bit gamma correction with six user adjustable gamma presets, 16 step lens aperture control, and 10-bit color depth via its two HDMI 1.4a inputs. Its anti-smear reduction modes reduce image smearing during fast-motion scenes through black frame insertion.

New 1/16 sub-pixel convergence correction delivers more precise picture alignment. Plus, with its 230-watt NSH illumination system, the DLA-VS2200ZG delivers 850 lumens for accurate daytime and nighttime flight training, and 4,000 hours in normal lamp mode.

“Long lamp life is an important consideration for the simulation marketplace because it can help manage operational costs,” said Gary Klasmeier, product engineering manager for D-ILA Systems, JVC Professional Products Company. “The DLA-VS2200ZG delivers brightness that exceeds FAA regulations and delivers 4,000 hours of lamp life, which means fewer lamp replacements. And it doesn’t sacrifice image quality in the process.”

Housed in a rugged chassis for motion-based applications, the DLA-VS2200ZG features wire grid polarizers and inorganic optical components for long life performance. Its 1.4-2.8:1 zoom lens offers remote zoom and focus, +/- 80 percent vertical offset, and +/- 34 percent horizontal offset. The projector also includes RS-232c and LAN connections as well as a wired/IR remote for control.

JVC is also debuts the DLA-VS2200G, which shares the same specifications but does not include a lens. Both projectors maintain the same form factor as previous models, and use the same mounting hardware and lenses, so projector replacement in existing installations is simplified. The DLA-VS2200ZG and DLA-VS2200G are now shipping.