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JVC Touts New Network Video Recorder; Offers Firmware Upgrade

Version 5.4 firmware upgrade allows multiple NVRs to be connected and share resources between them without a personal computer (PC).

JVC Professional Products, a division of JVC U.S.A., is touting its new VR-N1600UA network video recorder (NVR) saying it doubles the camera capacity and frame rates of previous models.

JVC is also offering a new Version 5.4 firmware upgrade for current VR-N1600U that allows multiple NVRs to be connected over the network and share resources between them without a personal computer (PC).

Compatible with VR-N1600UA, VR-N1600U, and VR-900U units, it creates an integrated monitoring system that essentially expands an existing network without replacing equipment. With the purchase of separate additional camera licenses, the 16-channel VR-N1600UA can support up to 32 cameras. The VR-N1600UA also has double the memory capacity of earlier models, so it supports up to 160 fps for recording, viewing, and network distributing frame rates.

For example, a camera connected to one NVR can be monitored through other NVRs, or remote users can see images from multiple NVRs on one screen. The new configuration requires no additional software or camera licenses, and each NVR records images locally or to network attached storage.

To simplify network installation, the new firmware also offers pre-installed drivers for JVC NV-X35U, VN-V685U, VN-V686B series, VN-V225 series, and VN-X235 series cameras, as well as Axis Communications AXIS 209FD network cameras. With Milestone XProtect Enterprise pre-installed on all JVC V.Networks NVRs, hundreds of other cameras and network devices can be easily integrated into the system, while an all-in-one design provides viewing, recording, and playback for high reliability and easy maintenance.

“With support for 32 cameras and substantially increased frame rates, the new VR-N1600UA brings the simplicity and reliability of our network video recorders to larger installations,” said Ian Scott, vice president, Physical Security Group, JVC Professional Products. “Plus, our firmware upgrade continues to improve the value of existing NVRs for our installed customer base.”

The 5.4 software is a free upgrade for current users, however, 32-camera support and increased frame rates are only available on VR-N1600UA units.