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Justice Dept. Awards $16 Million to ‘Secure Our Schools’

Schools in 38 states are the recipients of 128 grants totaling $16 million under the Community Oriented Policing Services (COPS) Secure Our Schools program.

Schools in 38 states are the recipients of 128 grants totaling $16 million under the Community Oriented Policing Services (COPS) Secure Our Schools program.

The Secure Our Schools program will provide up to half the total cost for law enforcement agencies and schools to install metal detectors, locks, lighting, fencing, CCTV surveillance systems and other equipment to help deter crime. The grants can also be used to pay half of the cost of security assessments, security training, and other measures.

“With these grants, the Justice Department is providing police and school districts with additional resources to help ensure the safety and security of our children,” said Attorney General Eric Holder.

To date, Secure Our Schools has provided more than $82 million in safety grants. Counting the Safe Schools Initiative, COPS in Schools and School-Based Partnerships programs, DOJ has distributed some $913 million for school safety, part of $12.5 million in COPS programs since 1995.

The complete list of the latest grants is here:

City of Maricopa $50,632
State Total $50,632

Benton Police Department $202,344
State Total $202,344

Atwater, City of $30,081
Cathedral City $91,264
Compton Unified School District $93,867
Ft. Bragg Police Department $76,998
Livingston Police Department $107,440
Marina, City of $25,000
Merced Police Department $50,143
Redlands, City of $80,999
Sacramento Police Department $463,699
San Diego Unified School District $500,000
Twin Rivers Police Department $359,996
State Total $1,879,487

Aurora Police Department $208,960
Denver Police Department $150,000
Haxtun Police Department $16,985
State Total $375,945

Newington Police Department $84,495
South Windsor Police Services $53,918
State Total $138,413

Delaware State Police $55,356
Dover Police Department $66,447
Milford Police Department $486,040
Wilmington, City of $108,938
State Total $716,781

Doral, City of $405,144
State Total $405,144

Marietta Police Department $499,100
State Total $499,100

Rathdrum Police Department $15,360
Rexburg Police Department $110,700
State Total $126,060

Chicago, City of $498,507
City of Champaign $10,950
Gurnee Police Department $50,639
Madison Police Department $27,011
Manteno Police Department $165,192
Winnebago County Sheriff’s Department $120,750
State Total $873,049

Cedar Falls Police Division $112,077
City of Waterloo $159,700
Mahaska County $13,911
Mason, City of $55,650
Northwood, City of $35,355
Remsen Police Department $22,490
Sigourney Police Department $69,475
State Total $468,658

Elk County Sheriff’s Department $96,262
State Total $96,262

Bardstown, City of $28,777
Campbell County Fiscal Court $8,075
Henry County Sheriff’s Department $14,538
Nicholasville Police Department $110,000
State Total $161,390

Lafourche Parish $147,443
Pointe Coupee Parish Sheriff’s Department $78,100
State Total $225,543

Brewer, City of $20,483
State Total $20,483

Baltimore School Police Force $69,000
State Total $69,000

Melrose Police Department $26,714
Revere Police Department $139,397
Sutton Police Department $20,201
Webster Police Department $48,627
West Springfield Police Department $78,864
State Total $313,803

Lenawee County Sheriff $104,028
Livonia Police Department $231,072
Sanilac County Sheriff’s Department $1,914
State Total $337,014

Circle Pines – Lexington Joint Police Commission $9,900
Robbinsdale Police Department $94,756
State Total $104,656

Covington County Schools $63,721
Gulfport Police Department $49,996
Natchez Police Department $88,863
State Total $202,580

City of Joplin $85,485
Clayton Police Department $23,585
Crocker Police Department $9,201
Phelps County Sheriff’s Department $193,217
Sullivan, City of $59,991
State Total $371,479

City of Omaha $284,740
Grand Island, City of $115,235
Lexington, City of $60,138
State Total $460,113

Washoe County School District Police $500,000
State Total $500,000

New Hampshire
Meredith, Town of $15,974
Rochester Police Department $57,898
State Total $73,872

New Jersey
Cedar Grove, Township of $116,758
Deal, Borough of $25,000
Fair Lawn Police Department $5,075
North Brunswick, Township of $82,900
Oceanport, Borough of $72,954
Passaic, City of $38,500
Ridgefield, Borough of $98,000
Scotch Plains Police Department $52,030
Union, Township of $132,647
State Total $623,864

New York
Camillus, Town and Village of $349,000
Cattaraugus County Sheriff’s Department $31,545
Cheektowaga, Town of $20,000
Cortland Police Department $250,250
Elmira Heights, Village of $31,000
Kingston, City of $279,746
Lancaster, Town of $26,220
Livingston County $17,250
New Castle, Town of $121,525
Port Jervis Police Department $150,000
Poughkeepsie Police Department $116,558
State Total $1,393,094

North Carolina
Person County Sheriff’s Department $8,680
State Total $8,680

Athens, City of $138,058
Beverly, Village of $11,217
Boardman, Township of $67,216
Columbus, City of $146,125
Geneva, City of $28,698
Grove City $12,076
Lockland, Village of $14,983
State Total $418,373

Choctaw Nation Law Enforcement $92,000
Oklahoma County Sheriff’s Department $62,915
Tulsa Independent School District No. 1 $437,740
State Total $592,655

Springfield Police Department $75,505
State Total $75,505

Austin Borough Council $17,553
Economy, Borough of $28,520
Elizabethtown, Borough of $159,779
State Total $205,852

Rhode Island
Lincoln, Town of $43,894
State Total $43,894

South Carolina
City of Charleston, SC Police Department $253,340
Georgetown County Sheriff’s Department $417,200
State Total $670,540

Humphreys County Sheriff’s Office $99,113
State Total $99,113

Aldine Independent School District $226,966
Benbrook Police Department $80,620
El Paso County Sheriff’s Department $231,499
Ft. Worth, City of $459,550
Orange County Sheriff’s Department $177,553
Sulphur Springs ISD Police Department $454,103
United Independent School District $461,602
Woden Independent School District $51,132
State Total $2,143,025

Ogden City Corporation $78,567
State Total $78,567

Longview Police Department $166,700
Walla Walla County Sheriff’s Office $16,500
State Total $183,200

Baraboo, City of $122,964
Janesville, City of $24,000
Madison Police Department $125,170
Mishicot Police Department $49,614
Shorewood Police Department $330,069
Superior, City of $138,686
State Total $790,503

Grand Total: $15,998,673