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Justice Department Taps VBrick for Streaming Video Solution

Products will unify communications technologies currently in use.

The U.S. Department of Justice (DoJ) has acquired VBrick System’s streaming video solution to embed streaming video into DoJ’s unified communications, says a written statement from VBrick of Wallingford, Conn.

The DoJ acquired VBrick System’s streaming video solution for Microsoft’s Office Communicator and SharePoint products to integrate media into unified communications technologies currently in use, the statement says.

VBrick’s solution for embedding streaming video into unified communications is comprised of two new products: the OCS Streaming Gateway and the SharePoint Integration Module. The OCS Streaming Gateway combines the power of streaming video with the real-time collaboration capabilities of “Office Communicator” and makes accessing, sharing and discussing streaming video content easy, the statement says. End users can collaborate using live TV channels; managers can project key messages through video broadcasts; trainers can communicate new material on video; and employees can produce and share rich media content using Office Communicator as the common entry point for their day-to-day work and collaboration activities.

Powering this simplicity is VBrick’s version of a well-known Microsoft feature—the presence icon, which lets users determine at a glance whether their contacts are online. VBrick’s own presence icon, called “Video Buddy,” behaves like a regular presence icon, only it represents a particular live video source. A quick glance at its color will signal whether a channel is “On Air” or “Off Air” and convey its presence status.

“It’s particularly gratifying to announce such high-profile deployments as the Department of Justice as we continue to bring industry-first video solutions to market,” said Michael Rubin, VBrick Systems’ vice president of marketing.