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Judge Invalidates Ohio Village’s Traffic-Camera Ordinance

More than 20,000 drivers cited in town of about 2,200

Ohio Judge Robert Ruehlman has invalidated a traffic-camera ordinance in Elmwood Place, a village of about 2,200 near Cincinnati.

The cameras were installed in September 2012 and have since taken photos of more than 20,000 drivers alleged to be speeding through the village, and citations issued for the violations have generated about $1.5 million, according to police officials. Elmwood Place has kept about $900,000 of the fines, with the remaining $600,000 going to Optotraffic, a provider of equipment and services for the automated speed enforcement industry.

In Ruehlman’s decision, which was issued March 7, he noted that Optotraffic is to calibrate the cameras only once per year.

In addition, the lack of signage warning motorists has enabled Elmwood Place to engage in a high-tech game of three-card Monty, Ruehlman wrote. “It is a scam that motorists can’t win,” he wrote.