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Jackson, Miss., Streams Public Meetings

Jackson is using Swagit Productions to make meetings public.

Larita Cooper-Stokes on the Jackson City Council

The city of Jackson, Miss., recently went live with a system to stream its public meetings on the Internet. The system, assembled in partnership with Swagit Productions, streams meetings live as the occur, then makes them available for playback from an archive.

To complement the video, reference materials that support the meetings are linked to the video for recall as needed, through Swagit’s document management integration system. The recorded meetings are made available on Jackson’s website (

Until the streaming system was brought online, citizens could only attend Jackson city meetings in person. The new streaming system will allow several city departments (City Council, Zoning Meetings, Education Youth Ad Hoc and Budget) to be seen online, anywhere the Internet is available. Jackson officials expect increased public interaction and better-informed citizens as viewing streamed meetings catches on.

“The city of Jackson has taken great steps forward to optimize government transparency,” said David Owusu, director of streaming media for Jackson. “By streaming live meetings, then giving the public access to individual archived agenda items after the meeting, citizens can actively participate with their local government in ways they never have before.”