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IQinVision to Reveal Next Generation 12MP/4K Sentinel Camera

Surveillance cameras jump to 4K.

IQinVision’s next generation IQeye Sentinel surveillance camera delivers up to 12-megapixel resolution and is targeted at outdoor applications that typically cover wider fields of view. It provides crisp images using new imaging sensor and encoder technology capable of producing 4K Ultra HD video at 30 frames per second.

The new Sentinel offers approximately six times the pixels available in a standard HD1080p camera, enabling greatly increased pixel density for the same scene. Alternatively, users can install fewer of these cameras to capture a wider field of view, while maintaining the original pixel density. The next generation 12MP Sentinel camera pushes beyond the boundaries of commonly accepted camera capabilities. It has enough processing power to not only deliver multi-streaming forensic quality video with enhanced image processing and noise correction, but also run analytics directly on the camera before pushing video over the network.

IQinVision’s new 12MP Sentinel camera will be available later in 2014.