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IntraCom Unveils Touchscreen Control Panel

2RU VCOM Touchpanel supports about 250 channels

IntraCom Systems, developer of Internet protocol (IP) matrix intercom system voice communication (VCOM) software, unveiled its new 2RU VCOM Touchpanel. The unit’s dual touchscreen graphical user interface supports about 250 channels configurable for point-to-points, group calls and party lines.

The TCP-403’s noise suppression and echo cancellation technology enables use of the unit’s integrated 3-inch speaker and panel microphone in push-to-latch/push-to-unlatch mode with virtually no feedback, IntraCom says. The TCP-403 is applicable for broadcast and defense needs, the firm says.

In addition, the product has individual channel volume controls with onscreen level indicators (from 6 decibels to minus 18 decibels). It also functions with an onscreen telephone dial-pad and on-selector caller ID and is interoperable with two-way radios, phone networks, voice over Internet protocol, session initiation protocol and other intercom systems.

The TCP-403 can be used with dynamic, electret, or universal service bus (USB) headsets and works with VCOM on PCs, Tablet PCs, Macs, Android and iOS devices. It also operates over standard IP networks, IntraCom says.