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InfoComm 09: Sanyo Launches Two Eco-Conscious Projectors Under $900 for Educators

Sanyo is launching portable projectors that offer a standby mode consuming just 0.4 W.

Sanyo is launching portable projectors that offer a standby mode consuming just 0.4 W.

Sanyo XW-250/XW-200

That’s 80 percent less power than similar previous Sanyo projectors. And both are available for less than $900.

The PLC-XW250 and the PLC-XW200 are easy to operate and offer advanced features including wired LAN management, making them perfect for educators, according to Mark Holt, vice president and general manager for Santo’s Presentation Technologies Group.

Redesigned circuits mean the projectors are also compliant with the EuP-Directive Lot 6 and the EU RoHS Directive. Also, all the packaging contains pulp molds, which can be recycled as used paper.

Both projectors incorporate Sanyo’s lattest “Easy Setup Function,” which include Auto Input Signal Search, Auto Vertical Keystone Correction and an Input Guidance Function. The Auto Input Signal Search automatically detects the input signal and makes the necessary internal settings. The Auto Vertical Keystone Correction function automatically detects its position angle and corrects for any image distortion. And the Guidance Function displays on-screen connection instructions when there is no input signal detected.

Using the supplied wired LAN terminal (RJ-45), the projectors can be managed via network connection. The LAN connection offers settings for power on/off, switching input signals, projecting from a remote location and monitoring lamp conditions and usage time.

An automatic maintenance notification function sends notices to preset email addresses in the event of projector problems. With Sanyo’s PJ Network Manager software, it’s possible to centrally monitor operating conditions of up to 200 projectors on a single network.

Both projectors provide a native resolution of 1280×768 and a 4:3 aspect ratio. The PLC-XW250 rated at 2600 lumens and the PLC-XW200 rated at 2200 lumens. They each weigh about 5.5 pounds (2.5 kg)

The PLC-XW250 and the PLC-XW200 will be available in June 2009 and will have the suggested retail prices of $895 and $795, respectively.

Sanyo is launching the projectors at InfoComm 09, in Orlando June 17-19.

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