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Infinova’s Pressurized Dome Cams Watch Panama Canal

Visual Verification Helps Panama Canal Authorities Spot Damages by Errant Crews

V1750A pressurized dome cameras from New Jersey-based Infinova have been placed on both sides of the Panama Canal to view ships and vessels waiting their turn to go through the locks. They are watching to verify that vessels stay within their assigned spaces while waiting.

The Miraflores locks in the Panama Canal If ships stray, they can cause damage to the channel and locks when they hit the sides and equipment. The cameras provide evidence of negligence by ship crews and enable canal authorities to penalize rule breakers.

“Providing visual verification at one of the world’s iconic locations by helping provide order and administrative efficiency is a duty that Infinova takes very seriously,” said Mark S. Wilson, Infinova vice president for marketing. “Our pressurized domes were designed to stand up to the environmental challenges of locations such as the Panama Canal.”

Infinova’s rugged V1750A series pressurized PTZ dome cameras feature a nitrogen pressurized environment inside the housing with a stainless steel rim for maximum protection against airborne contaminants and moisture. Special valves minimize decrease in pressure over time. Solid-state sensors in the housing relay important system information, such as internal temperature and pressure readings, back to the control center. Non-volatile memory in the housing enables automatic downloads of camera presets and other data in the event that the camera and drive module must be replaced.

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