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Indiana University Extends Media Digitization Project With Sony

Extended partnership comes after Sony’s Memnon division digitized thousands of IU archives

BLOOMINGTON, IN–Indiana University has extended its partnership with Memnon, a Sony-owned media preservation company, to allow Memnon to continue using IU’s Media Digitization and Preservation Initiative facilities for additional A/V digitization and archiving projects. The extended partnership comes after a massive one-year digitization project in which Memnon helped IU rescue more than 100,000 audio and video recordings.

“We are thrilled to be able to extend our relationship with Memnon which will see many more of our treasured recordings preserved,” said Laurie Antolovic’, MDPI executive director, and Indiana University associate vice president and deputy chief information officer. “We are also excited that Memnon will be able to provide similar services to other institutions from the Bloomington facilities.” Antolovic’ added that the university seeks to make “Bloomington the premier digitization hub in the United States.”

In the MDPI project space, engineers work with a variety of formats including open-reel tapes, 78 RPM shellac audio discs, VHS tapes and Betacam SP videotape.

IU’s Bloomington campus is home to an archive of more than three million sound and moving image recordings, photos, documents, and artifacts. Most are highly valued for research and in obsolete formats, prompting the need to preserve them for the future. The Media Digitization and Preservation Initiative was created in 2013 to digitally preserve and provide access to the archive from all IU campuses by the year 2020.