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IMT Introduces Suitcase Receiver

Field receive system for security

PHOENIX, ARIZ. — Integrated Microwave Technologies (IMT), a business unit within the Vitec Group’s Videocom Division, and a manufacturer of digital microwave systems for the military, aerospace and government markets, recently introduced its four-channel Suitcase Receiver (SCRx).

IMT’s SCRx is a ruggedized COFDM (DVB-T-compliant) dual-diversity receiver with the capability to receive and decode up to four independent RF channels and display them individually or in a quad-screen format. The front end of the receiver combines high-dynamic range, low-noise amplifiers and a four-way RF splitter, producing exceptional RF performance without sacrificing sensitivity. The SCRx is integrated into a portable, IP66-rated hard storm case with two integrated LCD screens in order to view received content and adjust system controls.

“We listened to the needs of the law enforcement community and are excited to introduce the new Suitcase Receiver to those in attendance at ALEA 2014,” said IMT chief executive Stephen Shpock. “Its ability to view content, both individually and using the quad-screen format, is a great asset in the field for public security monitoring and video tracking.”

The SCRx features four dual-diversity COFDM demodulators using maximum-ratio combining, which significantly improves the robustness of higher-data-rate COFDM modulation. It also features four MPEG2/H.264 high-profile SD/HD decoders, which feed into a four-input, multi-view, 17-inch LCD monitor. The monitor can display all four transmissions in a quad pattern or display one video transmission on a full screen. In addition, SCRx is designed with a second five-inch touch-screen LCD for controlling the unit.

SCRx is designed with a built-in scan function, aiding in signal and channel identification, and integrated non-removable internal storage with 500GB SSD capacity with optional video playback. It includes field-replaceable battery packs that allow for a minimum of three hours of run time between charges. The unit can also be plugged into a vehicle’s 12-V power outlet or a standalone 120-/240-VAC power supply for unlimited operational capability. In addition, it features AES BCRYPT decryption capabilities, allowing it to function in secure applications.