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IKinema Unveils ‘WebAnimate,’ Its Online Animation Toolset

The “all-in-one” platform professionally retargets and customizes animation through a users’ browser.

IKinema, a British animation technology company, unveils “WebAnimate,” an “all-in-one” platform that can professionally retarget and customize animation through a users’ browser that is available for free.

WebAnimate’s built-in toolset allows users to fashion rigs, manipulate bones, retarget/customize motion capture data and animation all in the span of a few minutes, IKinema says. The WebAnimate program enables independent studios and individuals working on games, films and mobile projects to achieve realistic and believable animation.

“It’s time to make high-quality tools available to everyone in the animation community,” says Alexandre Pechev, IKinema’s CEO. The company “recognized a need for an affordable solution for small studios and amateurs exploring this field, so we adapted our product to address it; WebAnimate will give all indie developers a new power tool for their creative arsenal.”

In addition, throughout 2012, users can expect to see new features added to WebAnimate, and the introductory version of the platform will allow for the retargeting of motion capture data to models from standard formats such as bvh, FBX, and in the near future, c3d, the company says. Both experienced and beginner users alike can use the platform to quickly port motion capture data from cloud or local sources directly to their models, according to the company.