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Ikegami GFCam Flash Camcorder Now Native to Avid Editing Systems

New plug-in eliminates the need to transcode or import media.

Users of the new versions of Avid NewsCutter, Media Composer and Symphony editing systems now have direct access to—and compatibility with—HD video footage and metadata created using Ikegami’s GFCam HDS-V10 tapeless Flash memory camcorder.


The capability is a feature of the Avid Media Access (AMA) plug-in architecture Avid created and continually updates to support codecs from major camera manufacturers, eliminating the need to transcode or import media.

Avid AMA provides support for both Ikegami’s 50 Mbps and 100 Mbps GFCam formats. As a result, users can easily connect Ikegami GFCam removable Flash RAM GFPak media to an Avid editing system via GFPak’s built-in USB 2.0 port or high-speed S-ATA interface, and begin viewing and cutting footage immediately with no need to import, transcode, copy, and/or move media or use other software to view or extract clips.

Media management for Ikegami’s GFCam is also enhanced, in that the new AMA plug-In architecture supports and displays all metadata associated with Ikegami GFCam video clips. Among the newest GFCam advances announced by Ikegami is software that enables shooters with a laptop or PDA to see thumbnails of clips captured with the GFCam via a Bluetooth wireless connection. Users can use and/or attach metadata and other production notes to these clips with this function.

The GFCam HDS-V10 is a rugged, broadcast-grade ENG camcorder that employs three advanced 2/3-inch CCD’s and is available in native 1080i or native 720p versions. The GFCam records MPEG-2 Long GOP/I-Frame media to GFPak Flash RAM media, which supports tens of thousands of rewrite cycles. GFPaks are available in 16, 32, and 64 GB capacities. A 64 GB GFPak can hold two hours of full-resolution 50 Mbps 1920×1080/4:2.2 HD video in the MPEG-2 MXF file format.

Other components of Ikegami’s GFSeries tapeless Flash RAM HD production solution include: the GFStation Flash RAM studio deck/IP-networked server; the new GF Station Portable player/recorder; GF Player low-cost desktop playback machine; GFAdapter for direct media interface to tower PC’s; the multi-slot Studio GFAdapter; and Ikegami’s Media Manager software for efficient GFSeries integration with large server-based production environments.

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