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Human Circuit Launched Its ‘Acumen’ System for Health-Care Facilities

Doctors, hospital staff can communicate via Acumen using smartphones, tablets

Human Circuit, a Gaithersburg, Md.-based integrator of video, audio, data and control systems, launches Acumen, an integrated visual-collaboration solution for health-care facilities.
Acumen provides a secure, end-to-end managed environment in which doctors and staff can communicate, record, stream, share, review and collaborate via high-quality video from any location within a facility, Human Circuit said. By accessing a Web browser, Acumen enables physicians and staff to communicate using their smartphones and tablets, the company adds.
Acumen systems are integrated into a hospital’s existing network for online sharing, and the system is designed to optimize the way acute-care enterprises work, according to Human Circuit. The system is deployed at room level, thereby providing scalability options within a specific department, as well as in other clinical departments across the acute-care continuum, the company said.
In addition, a portable patient-observation device can be linked to a centralized visual sharing system that is installed onto a hospital’s network, the company said.
Acumen takes all of the disparate pieces of health-related information — audio, data and video — and aggregates those into a useful, remote, room-based, mobile presentation, which provides a complete picture from which better decisions can be made, collaboration can be more thorough and diagnostic processes can be more efficient, Human Circuit said.
“The technology modules of Acumen are a series of building blocks that allow light customization specific to your organization,” said Jim Hatcher, Human Circuit’s chief technology officer. “Over-customization has historically led to operational difficulties, so Human Circuit focused on the simplicity of the user interface, the most critical element in making technology useful,” he said.
Acumen is designed to take advantage of a user’s comfort with smartphones and tablets and leverage those using HTML-based control and streaming technologies, according to Hatcher. Human Circuit calls that the “tether-less workflow” because, not only is it wireless, but the user is not tethered to a particular touch panel, he said. Rather, the user has the ability to use an all-in-one PC or tablet to control the system, he added.
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