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Hitachi Visualization Suite Simplifies Austin PD’s Command & Control Setup

Censor aggregation platforms like HVS are beginning to pick up use among public safety agencies

AUSTIN, TX–Efficiently synthesizing all of the incoming data public safety agencies use to make decisions with can be challenging.

Such is the case at the police department in Austin, Texas, where they’ve deployed a censor aggregation platform from Hitachi Data Systems Federal, to help make the job easier and quicker. Called the Hitachi Visualization Suite, the software combines a host of third-party plugins like camera sources, a variety of map types, crime analytics, license plate readers, facial recognition software and even drone detection tools, into one web interface.

“Our organization uses the Hitachi Visualization Suite to gain greater intelligence of what is happening in our community,” said Troy Gay, an assistant chief at the Austin Police Department. “Tools like HVS give us the ability to aggregate information from a wide variety of sources to ensure we are spending time putting the pieces of the investigation together rather than searching for readily available information.”

A map of the user’s choice serves as the main lens to see information. For example, plugin icons like security cameras popup where they are physically located on a corresponding map, giving the user a better visual perspective of the area under surveillance. Assistant Chief Gay noted he was particularly excited about the HVS’ video functions, saying, “[HVS] gives us an extra set of eyes we did not previously have.”

The Hitachi Visualization Suite has found uses for many event security applications like largescale concerts or professional sports in stadiums. The Washington DC police department has even picked up the platform for their own command and control operations, according to representatives from HDS Federal.

A video demo of the tool can be seen here.