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Helping Democracy: IQM2 Meeting Management System Brings Transparency, Citizen Engagement

 The company calls it a turnkey solution for transparency and open government and a way to reach out to the public.

It’s a new era of government accountability, with a new administration promising openness and government bodies across the country working to provide the most up-to-date tools to empower citizens in the civic processes.

IQM2 has a solution for end-to-end automation of meetings, with all the paperwork—the agenda, minutes and action items—tied to the video streaming piece.

IQM2 calls it a turnkey solution for transparency and open government and a way to reach out to the public.

The company just released a video describing its services for federal agencies. You can view it here.

MinuteTraq, part of the solution, links documents in the meeting chain from document creation to meeting presentation and beyond, including tools to track the history of legislative items; the action of boards, committees and departments; and member votes. It even creates a searchable archive for citizens.

MediaTraq is the video solution that complements MinuteTraq, automating the recording, uploading and Web publishing of meetings and other events. It includes a light version of IQM2’s Minutes Maker to record the events and timestamps of the meetings and publish the Minutes and media to the citizen Web portal.

Some customers are looking for a complete turnkey solution; others bring the tools in-house and deploy within their existing infrastructure, according to the company.

Web streaming has always been limited in distribution by the number of channels available, and sometimes high-profile hearings find all their lines full. IQM2 tackles this by using commercial content delivery and acceleration networks as well as multiple data centers to distribute and cache content.

Earlier this year, the company made the M2 Suite available on the GSA Schedule through Carahsoft Technology Corp., a leading government IT solutions provider. In addition to carrying the product on its GSA schedule, Carahsoft is also adding the product to several of its state contract vehicles including in California and Ohio.

The company also has a municipal leasing program to help government entities cost-effectively upgrade to the technology.