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HDI 3D Begins Production of Laser-Driven Video Projectors

The first pre-production run of 100 hand-made Model LSS Pro 1 Projectors will be available in mid-February 2012.

HDI 3D has begun manufacturing its line of laser-driven 2D/3D switchable dynamic video projectors with the first pre-production run of 100 hand-made Model LSS Pro 1 Projectors available in mid-February 2012, the company says. In addition, up to five other models are expected to be available by the end of 2012.

HDI 3D says it projectors will derive their stereoscopic 2K image-quality from dual 2K RGB laser-illuminated “liquid crystal on silicon” (LCOS) micro display imagers. At 1080 frames per second, and 360 color frames per second per eye, HDI 3D projectors offer the fastest 3D—as well as 2D—refresh rate in the world, while also delivering a laser color gamut up to 200 percent National Television System Committee (NTSC), the company says.

Designed for a multitude of fully immersive 3D applications, including home theater, professional screening rooms, corporate, systems integration, and more, HDI 3D Projectors are designed for compatibility with their own proprietary line of Laser Silver Screens in 120-inch, 200-inch and 300-inch diagonal models. The 120-inch diagonal screen offers 70 Foot Lambert in 2D and 35 Foot Lambert in 3D, and the 200 and 300-inch diagonal screens offer 35 Foot Lambert in 2D and 18 Foot Lambert in 3D.

HDI 3D says it has eliminated the adverse effects, such as migraines, dizziness, nausea, and motion sickness, long associated with inferior and expensive shutter glasses and substandard 3D technology. HDI 3D delivers the most immersive, comfortable, and natural 3D viewing experience in the world with low-cost and light-weight proprietary polarized glasses, the company says.