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Have Something on Your Mind? Government Video Seeks Guest Bloggers

Add your voice to GV's blog

Everyone knows a way to get the job done just a little better, or provide a desirable service cheaply and easily. Or maybe you have thoughts on the state of the industry or how government video operations fit into the overall picture.

Whatever you have to say, Government Video invites you to submit 200- to 600-word blog posts for Government Video’s new blog. We’re looking for commentary about your work and how you get the job done, as well as experts who can post regularly on topics ranging from technical to social.

At the moment, GV’s blog is a little too well hidden and there hasn’t been anything new posted in more than a year. However, we plan to turn that around with help from our readers, who know more about the work you do than we could ever hope to learn here in the office.

If you’d like to post something on Government Video’s blog, please drop me an e-mail describing what you’d like to discuss and when you can have it ready. If you have a photo or graphic to include, that’s even better. (We can tell you from experience that words always look better when accompanied with an appropriate graphic or photo.)

It doesn’t take much to get started and it takes only a few minutes to reach the minimum of 200 words. In fact, this post already has 240 words by the end of this sentence.

If you’d like to be part of Government Video’s blog, please send an e-mail to discuss your thoughts to Bob Kovacs at