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Haivision Encoders Receive U.S. ‘Joint Interoperable’ Designation

Guarantees the encoders’ interoperability with fielded systems

The U.S. government has designated two of Haivision’s encoders as being Joint Interoperability Test Command (JITC) certified, thereby guaranteeing the encoders’ interoperability with fielded systems.

Haivision’s Makito SDI and Makito Air high-definition H.264 encoders have received JITC certification which not only guarantees interoperability with fielded systems, it also ensures the products comply with Department of Defense standards for encoding full-motion video (FMV) for intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance applications, the company says.

The certification is granted only after JITC labs have performed tests to validate compliance with the DoD motion imagery standards profile, Haivision says. In addition, many DoD programs require both MISP compliance and JITC certification to ensure end-to-end interoperability with other FMV processing, management and exploitation systems in use by defense and intelligence agencies, the company says. Without JITC certification, government customers have no way of knowing whether their encoded video will work with the entire FMV ecosystem currently deployed, the firm added.

The Makito is Haivision’s flagship HD encoder and has been used widely throughout the DoD in support of global ISR applications in both airborne and ground applications. The Makito is the first and only JITC-certified H.264 encoder capable of 1080p60 resolutions, achieving Motion Imagery Standards Board’s recommended practice for HD video distribution and acquisition, Motion Imagery System Matrix (MISM)-Level 12. As such, the Makito is suited for today’s advanced sensor technology, Haivision says.

With the commercial Makito and the ruggedized Makito Air reaching JITC and MISM Level 12 compliance, Haivision says it is the first and only company to achieve JITC certification for both airborne and ground-based encoding applications.

“Haivision made a company commitment to the ISR community in 2008,” said Mirko Wicha, Haivision’s CEO. “We are constantly focused on increasing the capabilities and applications of our low latency, metadata friendly, full motion video systems.”