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Second Circuit Appeals Court Allows Live Audio Stream

C-SPAN conducted a live stream on recent hearing regarding President Trump’s financial records.

WASHINGTON—The U.S. Second Circuit Court of Appeals allowed C-SPAN to broadcast live audio of a hearing on Friday, Aug. 23, that dealt with whether House committees may obtain President Donald Trump’s financial records via a subpoena (Donald J. Trump, et al., v. Committee on Financial Services, et al.). The Second Circuit became the fourth U.S. appeals court to permit livestreaming of an oral argument audio.

The New York-based court is one of two courts in the U.S. that does allow for video of its proceedings, which C-SPAN originally requested for in this instance, but the Second Circuit ultimately decided to compromise in this situation and gave C-SPAN permission to livestream the audio on its website and its YouTube page.

Fix the Court, a nonpartisan organization that advocates for “non-ideological fixes” in federal courts, praised the Second Circuit’s decision to make an audio stream available of the hearing.

“If a case makes its to the point where there’s an oral argument before a federal appeals court, that by definition is newsworthy,” said FTC Executive Director Gabe Roth. “Americans expect to get their news live as it unfolds, not later in the day or week, and there’s no technological or financial reason for the remaining holdouts, including the Supreme Court, not to follow the Second Circuit’s lead and permit live audio.”

Other appeals courts that allow for live audio streaming includes the Ninth Circuit, Fourth Circuit and D.C. Circuit.