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NASA Launches ‘Space Is Hard’ Ad

Associated with the Artemis project, NASA created an inspiring video of the work needed to travel in space.

WASHINGTON—There is nothing easy about space travel, but pushing the limits and going beyond where we’ve ever been before being worth it is the message of a new promotional video from NASA for the upcoming Artemis space program, titled “Space is Hard.”

The video, which you can watch below, depicts much of the rigorous training involved in preparing for space, while also emphasizing that any mistake could prove fatal. But the risks are worth it, as the echoes of President John F. Kennedy play during the video: “It is one of the greatest adventures of all time. That challenge is one we are willing to accept.”

Early goals of the Artemis project is to send one man and one woman to the moon by 2024, and eventually travel to Mars. 

As another voice says during the video, “We have never been more ready to meet the unknown.”

Watch the video below.