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Immigration Courts Use of Teleconferencing Raises Concerns

Some say technology is lacking, which can be detrimental to people’s cases.

In what the government has said is an effort to decrease the backlog of immigration cases, the courts have been utilizing video teleconferencing technology to conduct proceedings with detained immigrants and the courts where their cases are being determined, some times thousands of miles away, according to a report from the blog Law360.

Those that have been involved in these teleconferenced court cases have said that many times the cameras are providing blurry images, line breaks, uncoordinated sound and instances where the picture freezes. This method of holding court cases also limits access to counsel, according to critics.

While video teleconferencing technology has been used by the Executive Office of Immigration Review as part of hearings since the mid 2000s, there was an increase in the amount of cases that use it since March 2017.

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