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IHSE’s Draco tera Aids Texas High School TV Station

Matrix switch part of broadcast facility setup used to help train students in broadcasting.

CRANBURY, N.J.—The NHSTV broadcast facility, a high school student-run TV station funded by Texas’ Northwest Independent School District, recently upgraded its equipment, which included the installation of a Draco tera 16-port matrix switch unit from ISHE USA.

With the Draco tera platform, students are able to control multiple computers from one or more keyboards, video monitors and mice for greater flexibility and efficiencies for the stations’ broadcast operations, per IHSE.

The studio upgrade at NHSTV comes after a decade of operation and quadruples the size of the control room. The Draco tera KVM switch ties together workstations and a separate rack room, allowing the crew to manage all seven workstation from six different user locations in the studio.

“Our student producers can pop right into the KVM system directly from their own computers and make changes or perform tasks without having to get up and walk over to the dedicated workstation,” said Jeremy Rawe, coordinator of the Creative Media Production academy that runs NHSTV. “Fewer people moving around in the control room isn’t just a time saver, it also makes things safer and less chaotic when we’re in the midst of a live production. Also, if a situation arises with a server or technical function, I can take instant control of any student’s workstation right from my desktop, and without having to leave my office. This helps ensure the broadcasts are 100% student-run, while still allowing me to provide unobtrusive guidance and support.”

In addition to the Draco tera, NHSTV features an all-Ross Video production environment that features a Ross routing switcher, playout server, graphics engine and terminal gear.