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Honig: Supreme Court Could Avoid Coronavirus Delay Through Video

The Supreme Court suspended oral arguments in response to pandemic, but had alternatives according to CNN legal analyst.

The Supreme Court is like nearly everything else right now and has been impacted by the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic. The court announced that it is suspending oral arguments for the time being, but CNN legal analyst Elie Honing doesn’t believe cases needed to be put on hold and the coronavirus issue could be solved with the use of live video.

Acknowledging that it is the right decision to postpone in-person oral arguments during this time of social distancing—particularly with the senior age of most of the justices—Honing makes the case that oral arguments could have been continued by using live video cameras, something that has long been rejected by the highest court in the land.

“[T]he time has come for courts across the nation to demonstrate flexibility, to modernize and to put aside stuffy, outdated notions of judicial pomp and circumstance,” Honing writes. “Most court proceedings—and all Supreme Court proceedings—can be held by video conference, without legal impediment or practical downside.” has Honig’s full argument on the benefits of video cameras in the Supreme court.