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Don’t Gag VOA, Says Ohio Newspaper

Former VOA board member says President Trump is misunderstanding the agency’s mission.

TOLEDO, Ohio—President Donald Trump has criticized “Voice of America,” a global news platform, for what he sees as reports that are negative toward his policies and the U.S. government. However, Matt Armstrong, a Republican and former board member for VOA, says the president has a “gross” misunderstanding of VOA’s mission.

In an editorial in The Blade, a Toledo-based newspaper, Armstrong expresses that it would be a “terrible mistake to push VOA to be a mere reflection of the views of the U.S. government or himself [Trump]. Such a move could only damage the trust the VOA builds across generations of listeners around the world.”

The editorial goes on to explain that VOA’s independence is actually protected by law so that it can remain fully objective in its reporting of the U.S. government, something that the editorial says is “good for America and American interests around the world.”

The full editorial is available online.