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Dallas’ New Public Broadcast Studio Awaits Its Purpose

Project was originally slated to finish in 2017, but has no equipment or a definitive launch.

DALLAS—In 2014, Dallas City Council was presented with a project that would create a $5.5 million broadcast studio for Dallas City Hall. Six years later, and three years after an initial deadline of 2017, construction is mostly done on the space, but there is still no equipment—the cost of which, along with construction overages, is expected to double the original budget—no new launch date and no clear statement on what the space will be primarily used for.

The Dallas Morning News recently did a profile on the broadcast space, detailing its slow progress and how it looks to move forward.

“I see nothing but potential,” Lincoln Stephensm, nonprofit talent incubator for media and marketing professionals, told the paper. “Now is the right time. Much as I’m disappointed nothing is happening, it’s a good thing. It just needs the right plan around it.”

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