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CP Communications Using MoJo App to Promote Community Engagement

Enables livestreams from local businesses, governments and houses of worship.

ST. PETERSBURG, Fla.—CP Communications is attempting to help keep communities together during the coronavirus pandemic by utilizing the mobile journalism (MoJo) app from Mobile Viewpoint to enable local businesses, governments, houses of worships and other community-based organizations to livestream services and messages.

The MoJo app uses Mobile Viewpoint’s, a CP Communications partner, H.264 codec to encode live video and stream to multiple platforms, including social media platforms and control rooms. Users can connect external cameras and manage and monitor streams in the cloud through Mobile Viewpoint’s LinkMatrix control and management center.

When the MoJo app is installed on a mobile device, livestreams can begin automatically by clicking the “Live” button. Supporting applications like location-based push messaging and text chat functions are also supported through the app.

CP Communications is also offering backend services from its at-home production facilities in Florida and New York to help streamers incorporate graphics, translations and other services. The streams automatically populate with CP Communications’ network operation centers once users connect with MoJo at the front end.

The MoJo app is available to download for free.

“We have introduced this special service to help organizations deliver press conferences, city council meetings, company announcements and worship services to their communities at a low cost and without technical burdens,” said Kurt Heitmann, CEO, CP Communications.

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