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CentralSquare and Gentec Partner to Assist With Video Surveillance

First responders will be able to access cameras to help with crimes, natural disasters.

LAKE MARY, Fla.—A newly announced partnership between CentralSquare and Gentec Inc. is expected to give first responders greater access to video surveillance capabilities. Combining CentralSquare’s Public Safety Enterprise and Pro suites and Gentec products like the Citigraf and Clearance, public safety agencies will be able to use existing public and private video cameras to reduce the number of victims of crimes and disasters, while also ensuring the safety of police and other first responders.

With CentralSquare’s integrated public safety suite that manages 911 calls, dispatching responders and more, and Gentec’s software for the management of hundreds of video surveillance cameras, the two sides are creating unifying lifesaving data under a single service, allowing for first responders to make effective decision based on real-time data.

One example of how it will work is when a citizen calls 911, dispatchers will be able to see what is happening at a caller’s location.

“By seamlessly integrating CentralSquare’s world-class Computer Aided Dispatch software with Gentec’s ground-breaking, real-time crime center technologies, we are enabling thousands of public safety agencies to speed-up dispatch center operations, shorten emergency response time and reduce the number of victims of crimes and disasters across North America,” said Simon Angove, CentralSquare CEO.

The two companies will showcase more about their partnership at the IACP Conference in Chicago from Oct. 26-29.