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California Legislature Goes Dark on TVs

Station tasked with providing live coverage was pulled from TVs, leaving internet as only available resource.

SACRAMENTO, Calif.—The California Channel, which had been providing live TV coverage of the California state legislature for the last 28 years, was pulled off-air on Oct. 16 after its cable patrons cut funding, per the Los Angeles Times.

However, the cable officials involved with the station say that the main reason for pulling the station was relevance. California’s legislature is required to post recordings of all proceedings online within 24 hours, while some floor debates are livestreamed.

“The coverage provided by the Cal Channel became duplicative,” said Carolyn McIntyre, president of the California Cable & Telecommunications Association.

However, some legislators are working to bring back the channel so interested state residents don’t just have to rely on internet services, but one problem with that is the technical infrastructure previously used for the California Channel has been dismantled or donated to others.

The Los Angeles Times has more information on the loss of the California Channel.