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Bannister Lake Adds Closings Module to Chameleon

Works with Community public access portal for local TV stations to use.

CAMBRIDGE, Ontario—As we enter the school year, Bannister Lake is allowing for local TV stations and community information channels to help access and share school closing information with a Closings module for the company’s Chameleon data management system.

Bannister Lake has included the Closings module in the Chameleon, which allows broadcasters to group and playlist sets of institutions by type or geographic region. This enables tickers and other graphics to display organized sets of impacted institutions, be they schools, houses of worship or community centers. Institutions can update their status through a status function in Closings.

The Chameleon system also includes the ability to work with the Community portal, providing a gateway for institutions to enter pre-determined closing details for broadcast. Google Sheets can also be used to create a collaborative closings notification workflow that can be shared across a specific location or a geographic area. When not being used to closings, Community can also drive other hyper-local content.

In addition, the Chameleon platform has an on-board RESTful API that allows users to create subsets and reformat closings data and distribute content to webpages, mobile devices and digital signage systems. Data can also drive custom web widgets for animation and mapping to improve the dissemination and presentation of information.