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AJA Powers Live Streams for Minnesota House of Representatives

AJA’s Helo platform delivers live streams of meeting rooms to YouTube.

GRASS VALLEY, Calif.—Recognizing the ability of YouTube to reach and keep its constituents informed, the Minnesota House of Representatives has begun live streaming footage from its meeting rooms to the video site, utilizing AJA’s Helo platform.

The House Public Information Services added the Helo units to capture live streams of these meeting rooms and make them available on YouTube 24/7. Thirteen Helos were installed in a media hub in the basement of the Minnesota State Capitol. The feeds, which include audio and graphics, are sent across VLAN to the House IT network, from which it is sent to YouTube over the internet.

New features that the Helos provides to the House of Representatives is the ability to upgrade from SD quality video to HD, as well as offering reduced latency of up to 90%. The system also provides support for closed captioning so to be ADA compliant.

The House of Public Information Services uses additional AJA equipment for delivering content to public TV stations, including FS2s for frame synchronization and Hi5 Mini-Converters to convert SDI to HDMI for large HDMI monitor walls.