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GV Expo: X20 Leverages SharePoint on Communications Platform

For starters, with the new X2O Enterprise Communications Platform, users are now able to leverage Microsoft SharePoint to streamline the content creation workflow and improve employee communications.

Attendees at Government Video Expo will experience a number of innovative enterprise solutions from X2O Media.

For starters, with the new X2O Enterprise Communications Platform, users are now able to leverage Microsoft SharePoint to streamline the content creation workflow and improve employee communications.

And with X2O’s Xpresenter end-to-end digital signage platform, the single channel Xpresenter Xe, and the Xpresenter vClips video kiosk—along with Web-based content management tools and other services—X2O Media provides everything to run a complete digital signage network across a variety of applications.

X2O Enterprise Communications Platform: This platform allows businesses to distribute real-time messages to multiple screens throughout their networks, greatly improving the effectiveness and reach of employee communications. With X2O, business executives, marketing communications staff, and human resources professionals can quickly and easily display Microsoft SharePoint content in the form of desktop TV channels, scrolling news feeds, or data-driven screen savers on employee desktops, mobile devices, digital signage displays, and interactive kiosks, using the same tools to manage content on all screens. 

By using SharePoint tools and other internal content sources, X2O Enterprise Communications builds on processes already in place, effectively extending the reach of current approaches to target any or all employees within the organization in a timely fashion. The X2O platform can be used to send real-time company messages or emergency alerts, graphical dashboard data, live news feeds, and video content to one or multiple channels. Content can be sent to any number of screens simultaneously, allowing targeting of messages to the right person, at the right time, in the right place. Once it is updated in SharePoint, information on upcoming events, company information on upcoming events, company announcements, schedules, and business dashboard data is automatically formatted and displayed as high-end, broadcast-quality graphics through the entire X2O network.

X2O Xpresenter 2.5: The latest version of X2O’s flagship Xpresenter platform includes a new release of the Xpresenter Server, new versions of centralized, Web-based content management tools, and other Web-based services. Xpresenter offers the Microsoft PowerPoint-based content authoring application as well as Web-based content management, content distribution, and remote management applications. The Xpresenter Player includes a broadcast rendering engine, yielding the highest-quality video and graphics at any resolution.

X2O Web Portal:?The portal is a comprehensive Web-based platform for managing, planning, and scheduling content for digital signage networks of any size. By combining network monitoring, content management, live data feed management, advertising campaign tools, and customizable reporting features, the X2O Web Portal provides an intuitive Web interface that greatly reduces the resources and time required to set up, control, and maintain a digital signage network.

The user interface of X2O Media vClips Xpresenter vClips: Video Kiosk Application for On-Demand Playback:?This complete interactive video application allows users to browse and play back video clips using a simple touchscreen interface. vClips combines the highest-quality HD video and graphics output with simple and flexible management tools. For X2O’s customers, it offers simple setup and configuration as well as a comprehensive logging of all user interaction. Installed as a standalone application, or combined with X2O Media’s Xpresenter server, customers can choose to manage vClips’ video content via a local Web page, integrate it with X2O’s Web portal for building and managing a multi-location network, or receive remote monitoring and support from X2O’s network operations center. vClips is ideal for corporate training, as an information kiosk, or video jukebox.

Xpresenter Xe: The Xpresenter Xe is an affordable all-in-one, standalone digital signage system featuring better-than-broadcast-quality video output, an easy-to-use configuration screen, point-and-click content management tools, and links to live data—all in a single-channel configuration. It is suited for standalone applications such as lobby displays, waiting rooms, and more.

X2O Media will be at GV Expo, Dec. 2-3 in Washington, at Booth No. 330.

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