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GV Expo: Getting Down to the Nitty Gritty in Post

Three-day conference will touch on drone technology, social media, post mastering and finishing

WASHINGTON – What’s in store at the DC Post|Production Conference, a three-day training event within the Government Video Expo? A checklist for drone operators, a handpicked list of the best gizmos and gadgets to improve a production, and a gentle kick in the pants from expert instructors tasked with ensuring that everything from your social media vibe to your Power Point presentations is up to speed.

Kicking off the DC Post|Production Conference is the session “Finalizing Your Edit: Mastering Picture and Sound for Pro Results,” where instructor Robbie Carman of Amigo Media will take attendees into the process of finishing a product in post by refining audio and video of a project to as close to perfection as possible.

The session will look at ways to fix common mistakes like flash frames, blanking and bad speed changes and others as well as discuss essential color correction techniques and key components of finishing graphics and composites. The session will then look at audio and delve into dialog editing, sound design and mixing, as well as explore how to properly setup projects for common audio deliverables.

At the same time, designer and photographer Ian Robertson will lead determine exactly what techniques and tools were used to make a project a success in the session “How to Design Better Motion Graphics With Adobe After Effects.” The session will explore the 2D and 3D tracking tools available in After Effects, as well as create some guidelines for when to use each different tool. Robertson will explore some of the popular tools and techniques used to create a flat 2D animated look and will jump into the sequencing of multiple layers to create dynamic repeating shapes and patterns.

That same day, the session “Nonfiction Scriptwriting Techniques” will look at some of the more common ways to grab viewers and keep them following along. Led by scriptwriter Amy DeLouise, the session will explore how successful scriptwriters define the elements of a story arc and will discuss key strategies, such as how to incorporate interview sound bites, when to turn to animation and how to manage script workflow so you can deliver a powerful impact.

Drone sessions in the post production conference will explore different models currently on the market and will also look at current techniques for preparing and capturing aerial photos and video.

Other sessions on the fist day of the GV Expo include “50 Things You Didn’t Know About Adobe Premiere Pro,” “Getting More Done With Cinema 4D,” “Mastering DaVinci Resolve” and the session “Video Gear Innovations: Improving Your Production Value on Any Budget,” which will delve into some of the best gizmos and gadgets to improve a production.

Starting on Dec. 2, the session “Making Your Message Click and Stick,” will offer successful examples of connecting with audiences via social media, while the session “Building an Audience: How to Attract Followers and Connect for Results” will offer essential strategies on increasing your reach on social media.

Drone technology is proving to be one of the fastest growing image capturing tools in the video and photographic industry today. One session offering practicalities to using this new medium is the session “How to Get the Best Shot from a Quadcopter or Drone,” where instructor Francis Torres will offer step-by-step guidance on using a quad-copter or drone to its full potential. The session will explore the different models currently on the market and will also look at current techniques for preparing and capturing aerial photos and video, including framing, camera movement and aesthetics.

Other drone-focused sessions include “Navigating the Skies: Legal and Logistical Issues for Quadcopters and Drones,” where Christopher Vo with the DC Area Drone User Group will look at the legal and logistical issues that must be addressed when using drones, including pending FAA regulations related to commercial use of drones, and special issues to consider when traveling with drone equipment within the U.S. and abroad.

Wrapping up the show on Thursday Dec. 3 will be sessions like “Presentations That Don’t Suck: Improve Your PowerPoint and Keynote Presentations With Animation, Media and Good Design,” “Mastering the Light: Quick Lighting Setups on Any Budget,” “Mastering Multicamera Productions” and “Creating a Rock-Solid 4K Production Workflow.”

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